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There are many awesome horror icons. Some from the classics, some from more recent decades, and some really scary new ones. Some are well know while others no one seems to have ever heard of. So this list is for the underrated villains off the horror genre. The well known ones like Michael, Jason, Freddy, Leather, Chucky, Pinhead, etc wont be on this list. Some of these you may know and some you might not.


10. Rawhead Rex (Rawhead Rex)

One of the first monsters ever made by horror legend, Clive Barker. This demon was awakened by some pretty stupid rednecks, like all evil demons are, right? It comes to life and goes on a rampage. Rex has an awesome design, but Clive Barker didn't like it because it wasn't his original design. Apparently it looked like a 9 foot tall phallus with teeth... yeah, let that sink in...Nevertheless, the monster is still badass and has some incredible stunt work. Check out the video above for some of Clive Barker's earliest work. Rawhead Rex predates some of the more iconic ones like Pinhead, and Candyman.

9. Frank Zito (Maniac, original and remake)

I debated putting Frank on this list. Honestly, from what I've seen not many people know about Maniac. This creepy mannequin collector and restorer was played by Joe Spinell and then Elijiah Wood in 2012. Both played the character amazingly, if you ask me. Spinell had a more brutal aspect to him but Wood played a much more sympathetic Zito, someone you felt for at times. Not that Spinell couldn't get sympathetic and Wood's was pretty brutal. The original had more iconic scenes but the remake played more with the psychological forums. You have to check this film out because the ending is one of the best in all of horror film history.

8. Dane (The Final)

The Final is a interesting movie about outcasts who are fed up with bullying so they decided to make their bullies feel the pain that they did. It does have some cool horror references, the most notable being the 'audition' reference. Dane is the leader and I love the design of his costume. The mask is neat and reminds me of the Empty from Doctor Who. Dane goes from a sympathetic victim to a insane cult-like leader. He wants to kill a popular boy who never bullied them and kills one of his friends, a friend he protected earlier in the movie. Overall The Final is a neat movie with an awesome villain.

7. Nancy Downs (The Craft)

Can you believe this girl played Dorothy? Nancy Downs is a witch who soon befriends new girl Sarah. At first she portrays a kind friend to her but then she becomes a power hungry monster pretty quickly. While she can be sympathetic sometimes, she is mostly very ruthless and willing to sacrifice innocent life for more power. The ending is really creepy and somewhat sad.

6. Monami and Keiko ( Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl)

From the insane mind that brought us RoboGeisha and Tokyo Gore Police, Yoshihiro Nishimura brings us to badass babes fighting for the love of a boy. Monami is a vampire, and Keiko a Frankenstein-like monster. She has legs of the school's fastest runner, arms of the school's wrist cutter, bad lungs of Takashi Shimizu (not joking) and can use her extremities to help her fly. This is one of the most awesome things I ever had to describe. If you know of Nishimura's work or movies related to his work then you should know he makes some of the craziest movies ever, movies that rival the craziness of the Troma films, and thats saying a lot.

5. Kiki (Helldriver)

Yoshiro Nishimura brings us another horror film. This time he is going solo and honestly... I will argue that this is his best movie. We has zombies sword fighting with a truck, a Japanese Hitler, exploding heads, a zombie jet, half human half robots, and chainsaw katanas. Yes. A motherfucking chainsaw katana. Kiki is a girl from an abusive home raised by her insane mother, and uncle. After her father is burned alive she runs from her the sinister pair. As her mother catches her a meteor blasts a hole in her mother's chest destroying her heart. The mother tears open her daughter's chest, and steals her heart, both are cocooned and a black ash makes half of Japanese zombies...ok I think that was the most insane thing I have ever written. She gets a robotic heart, and a then that motherfucking chainsaw katana. Ash's chainsaw hand is nothing in comparison. I want a chainsaw katana! I don't know what else to say. Stop reading this list and go watch the movie, like, NOW.

4. Erik Destler (Phantom of the Opera 1989)

Since you're still reading this list our next icon is going to be Erik Destler played by Robert "Freddy Krueger" Englund. Now I know the story is well known but this adaption isn't. Erik is played perfectly by Robert Englund. In my opinion this is one of his lesser known roles but also probably one of his best. Yes, even better then Freddy Kruger. He can play a poetic intellectual to an insane killer. Erik is played more of a Jack the Ripper style, and plays more on the horror aspect, as the novel was a horror novel but today is recognized as a love story. Now... this movie does have a lot of suspension of disbelief, but if you can ignore that then the movie has good music, amazing cinematography, good gore affects, and of course Robert Englund is amazing.

3. Eli(Let the right one in)

Eli is one my my favorite movie characters also her movie Let the right one in(Låt den Rätte Komma In) is a 300 year old vampire who befriends a young bullied boy. Now she has a very great backstory that I wont spoil but its probably the most tragic backstory Ive seen. She is played Wonderfully by Lina Leanderson. Who really didnt speak her lines. Elif Ceylan is the actress who voiced Eli. They wanted a older, and wiser sounding voice for her, which fits with the novel as eli talked like she was much older. Lina Leandersson even though she doesnt speak her lines plays Eli amazingly. Her body language is great, and she does feel like a old woman beyond her years in the body of a child. Another thing that fans wonder is if Eli's intentions are true or really anatagonistic. Well a 'epilogue' reveals the truth. Read the novel andCheck out the movie...but dont watch the Matt Reeves Remake.

2.) Coffin Joe(Coffin Joe Movies)

Jose Mojica Marins plays this bad motherfucker amazingly. Coffin Joe is a satanist who despises god to every extent possible. He taunt religious people, eats meat and pork on good friday, tortures women, and holds black masses. He has the classic charm of the Universal monsters but the brutality of some of the most horrifying slashers. For a movie in the 60s its prety violent. Coffin Joe wants to find the perfect woman to bare his child. The Coffin Joe Trilogy. At Midnight I'll take your soul, This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse and Emodiement of Evil, are amazing movie I recomend to any horror fan.

1. Satan Man(Satans Little Helper)

This is in my opinion the most underated Horror Icon ever. This guy has no remorse. He enjoys what he does, and when he commits these deeds you can tell he wouldnt want to do anything else. Joshua Annex doesnt speak in this role, you dont even hear him breath. His Body Language, and pressence is hilarious or utterly terrfying. His mask is awesome, and looks amazing on his costume. While the kid is a compelte idiot, it doesnt distract me from this guy. Satan Man looks like he doesnt care what happens. he is having fun. Even when he shoots himself in the hand and barely shows any pain shows this guy doesnt care about life. Even when he has a Jesus or Cop costume on he is creepy. He has this weird pressence around that makes you wonder what he will do next. This man caused complete chaos in one night. (HA took Joker a few days to do that :P) Its a shame this movie doesnt have a bigger following because its so amazing.I really hope Satan man and Satan's little helper gets a bigger following. This movie deserves that

I hope you enjoyed this list and what are some icons you think are underatted and have no love.
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