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Synopsis of the film:

Dave Penn has recently visited Toronto, Canada. At his stay he found it very odd, the people there and the things they did, when he comes back to America he thought he was done with those people from that odd place in Canada but he was wrong. Now he has to deal with his problems, with his friends, and his enemies.

I hoped you enjoyed our film and got a good laugh out of it. Please review it. We are already planning on a sequel the same writer/director has already written a first draft of the script. We want to film next summer and release around this time next year. Since we've learned a lot of things from this film I hope that we can kick it up a knotch for the sequel because we want the sequel to be great. Dave Penn vs. Himself is an unofficial spin-off of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, also an adaption from the comic books, Scott Pilgrim. My brother is the director and writer of this short film, he loved that film so much that he wanted to create something in the same universe. It has action, comedy, and romance. I am the producer and special effect supervisor for this project. We are trying to get the word spread out of this film, and hopefully Edgar Wright (the director of Scott Pilgrim) will see our film.Please follow our pages to get the word spread. Thank You.


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