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I'm guessing you, the readers, are wondering why I've chosen to put this article in Horror? Well, horror as a genre has long been a target of censorship. I've been watching horror movies, reading horror books, playing horror games, etc.,etc. since I can remember (I'm 42 but I can still remember crap from when I was 3). When I began reading Fangoria magazine, I became keen to the fact that politicians, lobbyists and pundits all love to blame other things for the crap that goes on in real life and want to protect us from it.

When I was a young teen, just like any other young teen, music was a big part of my life. I'm reaching back here to 1985 now so I know this predates many of you who weren't even sperm at the time, but bear with me. A band named Judas Priest, great band, was blamed for the suicides of a pair of young men. Saying there were subliminal messages and all sorts of baloney in the music that drove alienated youth to commit suicide. Funny, I'm still sitting here with no suicide attempt scars on me.

In the 80's and 90's there was a rash of people and politicians blaming horror for violent crimes. They questioned the worth of such movies and wanted them to be edited down so heavily that it would whittle movies down to nothing basically. The response by some film makers (Stuart Gordon, I'm pointing at you!) simply released their films without ratings, which were just as good as X ratings back in the day. That piled those movies in with pornography, which they clearly were not. Just to keep the vision alive they did this and the gamble worked. I was dying to see Reanimator and From Beyond! Nowadays they get away with more on TV on The Walking Dead and crime drama shows. Still, the old timey censors wished our beloved genre away. Thankfully they were stopped in court and did not get their way in the name of the great Constitution of the United States.

Since the dawn of affordable home video gaming there's always been controversy around them. From the TRS-80, Commodore 64 up to the current class of touch screen phones and tablets. Horror video games were a staple of any good gamer's library. Mine in particular. Even though I was picky. Time and time again video games have been blamed for the actions of others or in fear of the potential actions of others. Games that made graphic violence,fighting, and shooting were mostly targets of these blowhards. Games like Mortal Kombat, Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and most recently, Slenderman. People have commited crimes in the names of these types of games. Sometimes the politicians win, sometimes they do not. Sometimes they go after another aspect of the game to do damage to the game as a whole to get their way. We're just lucky that video game companies know A). Fans will still buy the product. and B). the controversy is free advertising and generates interest. Still, I've been playing video games from Pong up to modern games on PC and PS3 (not sprung for a 4 yet). I haven't commited any crimes because Goro in Mortal Kombat whispered to me that I need to. This brings us up to the present and something I've seen more than a few times on here and comments of Facebook. People who read these pages so I'm assuming they are ,"Fans" and coming out with some load of runny crap that they can't see supporting Slenderman games because of two dumb girls trying to murder another and another dumb girl trying to burn her house down all in the name of Slenderman.

Slenderman did not come to them through the screen and tell them to commit these crimes. Nor did he possess them and through him make his work be done. In fact, before 2009 he really didn't even exist. And don't give me any shit about him being in paintings or whatever through time. He wasn't Slender until someone gave him the name and story.

I'll air one more good, and HIGHLY controversial ones here. Guns. Now how in the ever loving Hell does one come to the conclusion that guns kill people so we need to regulate them to death! I'm going to leave the Constitution out and just write as a person for this because this isn't about the 2A. We've been steadily legislating them to death for decades now for the actions of a few idiots. I will go this way though. I am a gun owner, I don't carry every day. In fact it's rare that I even touch them unless I just want to take something apart and put it back together, kind of like an adult's puzzle game. I have the controversial AR-15, with all the scary features that makes politicians crap their knickers. In fact, I own TWO assault weapons, these are they. Pretty scary looking to the uninitiated huh? I grew up shooting .22 rifles and pistols. Pretty much any time I wanted I could hand the firearms. Not as easy these days with the hoops you have to jump through just to fill out the paperwork necessary to buy it, waiting periods (which are coming to an end!), and cost. It's a bit of an expensive hobby for sure. Yes, those two guns are actually mine and not just pics I Google Image Searched.

I'll stop here on the objects and get to the real point of this whole article. The pictures made it easier to absorb though, yeah? All of these media and objects are designed for things they do. Guns are designed to shoot things, games are meant to make you forget your reality and immerse yourself in their world. Movies, same thing. To Entertain you and suspend your disbelief long enough to just enjoy a couple of hours, sometimes to scare you to bits while doing so.

Most recently two girls tried to murder one of their other friends because supposedly Slenderman had something to do with it, another girl tried to burn the family house down in Slenderman's name. I've seen a lot of people slam the Slender series because of this on this site and others. YOU people who do that are a big part of the problem in this world. Supporting the idea that something that is beyond inanimate ,since it's just an online game at the moment. YOU are the reason we can't have nice things. YOU support that insanely stupid idea that it's always someone else's fault, not the fault of the individual who probably do know the difference between right and wrong but are just fucked in the head enough to not care. Here's some real news for you. I was allowed to read, watch, or play with anything I wanted to. I watched my first horror movie at around 4, got my first gun at 10 or so, listened to whatever music I wanted to, I grew up to be a productive member of society. Wife, kids, pets, house, blah blah. I never cared to commit suicide or a crime. I also was raised as a responsible person, that if I screw up I need to own it. I try to impress that on my children as well, I will be damned if they turn out like some of you people who want to blame their woes on someone else every turn of the corner. I even go so far as to let my children hold my scary assault weapons. No one dies, not even close. So how do guns kill again? My 9 year old plays Slenderman, she hasn't tried to stab anyone in my house. Please tell me how Slender is making kids do these crimes! , I even let them listen to whatever they want to until I get sick of hearing Let It Go for the fifteenth time. They listen to my music mostly, they haven't killed themselves. Weird how that works isn't it? In closing, STOP BLAMING INANIMATE OBJECTS FOR BAD THINGS THAT HAPPEN!.


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