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Last week I missed the review of Robot of Sherwood but hopefully I can redeem myself with this review.

Listen is the best horror you could possibly get out of a PG rated show, to think what Moffat could do with an M or MA rated horror would make my pants soil themselves. Despite the horror element, Listen still has the best plot of series eight so far and one of the best of the new who.

In the beginning you see a Doctor alone, supposedly, talking about evolution and types of fear and what it does to a sentient being. In this whole scene the full scale of the Doctors fear driven ideals is revealed.

'Question: why is there no such thing as perfect hiding? Answer: logically if evolution were to perfect a creature whose primary skill were to hide from view, how could you know it existed? It could be with us every second and we wouldn't know,' - The Doctor E04S08
The Doctor
The Doctor

This was the first episode where we see a very weighted appearance from Danny Pink or as he was once known; Rupert Pink. The Date between Clara and Danny is portrayed as something started out awkward but through the course of the meal became better but soured at the end. Clara made reference to war killings and Danny immediately cottoned on with a cold glare. You could see Clara's heart drop as she immediately realised what she'd said. She attempted to rectify the situation by trying to calm Danny down but she had laid hands on a very touchy subject.

She left the restaurant and Danny behind to return to her apartment where she found the Doctor sitting in front of her three panelled mirror. It seems that this Doctor loves landing the TARDIS in peculiar places, tight places when it comes to indoor areas. This scene has to be one of the coolest technologically in Doctor who when the Doctor slaves the TARDIS to Clara's timeline through the telepathic circuits.

When flying the TARDIS Clara envisioned Danny on their date and instead of going to a young Clara they found one young Rupert Pink in a boys home. This is a very interesting point in the episode, monsters under the blankets and the reveal of why Rupert changed his name to Danny later in his life and enlisted in the military.

A young Rupert (Danny) Pink
A young Rupert (Danny) Pink

After the visit to a young version of Pink and a confrontation with a truly frightening monster Clara makes a request to the Doctor; to try the date with Danny Pink again. However when things are going smoothly Clara accidentally refers to him as Rupert, causing him to become aggravated. Clara was thrown off further by a person wearing a familiar orange space suit entered into the dining room through a rear door and signalled her back to the TARDIS.

In the TARDIS she was met by what resembled an aged version of Danny Pink who the Doctor announced to be Orson Pink, Danny's great grandson. Orson was a pioneer human time traveller who was accidentally sent to the end of the universe and trapped on a dying planet alone, at least that's what they thought.

Orson Pink, time travelling pioneer
Orson Pink, time travelling pioneer

On Orson's time travelling vessel the doctor encountered another nightmarish creature whom we never lay eyes on but managed to puncture the ships atmospheric shell. Upon being saved by Orson and rendered unconscious Clara piloted the TARDIS away after the entity began to attack the TARDIS. They end up in a barn where a young boy is sobbing in a bed on a raised platform at the barns rear. Clara approaches expecting the boy to be form of Danny but soon that would be dismissed. Two adults walk in, two people who appear to be of a lower class in the trade of agriculture.

They proceed to speak to the boy who appears to be asleep but when they motion to leave the full gravity of the situation is felt.

Adult Male: He can't just runaway crying all the time if he wants to join the army.
Adult Female: He doesn't want to join the army, I keep telling you.
Adult Male: Well he's not going to the Academy is he that boy,he'll never make a Timelord.

Holy smoking Toledo. That certainly wasn't what I expected. But then the boy proceeds to stand up out of bed after the Doctor yelled for Clara from the TARDIS and Clara grabbed his ankle. She spoke to him, told him to go back to bed and he did. She then gives him a speech of how it was all a dream and that if you LISTEN, clever people can hear dreams. Basically Clara makes him the man he is and drives him to become a graduate of the academy.

The scene of Clara grabbing a young Doctors ankles
The scene of Clara grabbing a young Doctors ankles

At the end of this fantastic story it shifts between Clara talking with Danny and a young Doctor and also the older Doctor staring at a blackboard. The final scenes are probably the best of any episode of Doctor who I have ever seen, when Steven Moffat gets it right; he hits it out of the park.


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