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Mirza Mohd S Baig

The new roster of Marvel NOW's Thunderbolts is up to 22 issues already & trust me its one of their best titles in years. It has a really interesting team lead by General Ross aka Red Hulk, the team has Frank Castle aka The Punisher, Elektra aka Daredevil's love interest/ Ally/ Foe/ Bad ass Ninja, Flash Thompson aka Agent Venom/ Peter Parker's High School Bully, Hulk villains Mercy & a reformed disoriented version of The Red Leader, the recently joined Ghost Rider & above all Wade Wilson aka Deadpool.

Fan poster
Fan poster

All them of them, well except Agent Venom are homicidal maniacs!! They have to stick together to carry out 1stly non government sponsored off book missions, later they decide each of them randomly gets to decide what their mission would be next without getting killed or of course killing each other!! This guyies are a better & a bit similar with X Force & DC's awesome Suicide Squad!

With interesting characters, mind blowing action, a weird romantic triangle (Punisher-Elektra-Deadpool) & the great dose of humor (You know Deadpool is hilarious) this film could be the best superhero team up movie well next to The Avengers & yeah it has to be R rated no doubts for the violence, language & sexual references.

Well of course with movie rights distributed all over! Red Hulk, Mercy & The Leader (Hulk Universe) are a part of Marvel Studios, while rights of The Punisher, Ghost Rider & Elektra (Daredevil Universe) has recently gone back to Marvel Studios from Lionsgate & 20th Century Fox. But unfortunately two of the most awesome members Agent Venom (Spider-man Universe) is still with Sony & so is Deadpool (X-men Universe) with 20th Century Fox.

While an upcoming Venom has been announced to be directed by Alex Kurtzman, it doesn't seem like Marvel will be getting back their rights anytime soon. Same goes for Deadpool (Recently released test footage was so good) & it seem like the best way to reboot The Punisher, Elektra & Ghost Rider. Well as fan of the series, I can just the title for now & hope one day to see them on the big screen all bloody & trying to kill each other!


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