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This article focuses on the villains of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and not the villains from Fox/Sony's Marvel movies. Not including Fox or Sony because I personally think they have handled villains better than the MCU. I thought William Dafoe's Green Goblin and Alfred Molina's Doc Ock were really good. J.K. Simmons J. Jonah Jameson was perfect even though he's not technically classed as a villain but he wasn't on Spiderman's side. I can also honestly see Dane DeHaan's portrayal of the Goblin in the Amazing Spiderman franchise being fantastic, though we'll probably need to see more screen time from him first. Then of course you have Fox's X-Men movies which I have to say did a fantastic job on the future Sentinels in DOFP. They were definitely something to fear. As well as that I've enjoyed Magneto's portrayal. So really Fox and Sony are out of the picture here.

Now to get onto the real subject of the MCU's villains. Since 2008 we have seen villains of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk and now Guardians of the Galaxy. To be honest I'd let Guardians of the Galaxy off because that movie really needed to focus more on the origin of the main characters coming together. I would say the same for the Avengers movie as well but then we were seeing a villain that was making his second appearance.

If there's one thing WB/DC have done better with their movies that is give us better villain performances. Tom Hardy brought a truly terrifying performance of Bane in TDKR. Health Ledger may have not had the frightening act like Bane but his acting for Joker was phenomenal. Even Michael Shannon's General Zod stood out to me as a powerful and threatening foe like nothing we've seen in a comic book movie before.

(Potential spoilers regarding [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973))

I'll start with Captain America. The first movie brought us the Red Skull which to be honest I wasn't amazed with but he was ok. He could have made more of an impact in the movie but then it was only the first Captain America film which strongly focused on the origin. Im hoping that Red Skull will return for the third movie cause that villain really deserves to make his mark in the MCU. Now we have the second Captain America movie which was excellent but again I wasn't impacted that much by the villains. This movie was more focused on the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D with Alexander Pierce being the main villain currently leading Hydra. The Winter Soldier only really shown up during the action sequences. We got two fantastic fight scenes out of Cap and Winter Soldier but those were the only decent parts with the Winter Soldier in my opinion.

Now onto Thor and the Avengers. I'll combine these two because Loki was in all of these movies. The first Thor movie for me was just another origins story that after seeing the first time, Im not to bothered about seeing it again. It was good just didn't have me interested all the way through. I know Loki has become very popular and I definitely agree Tom Hiddleston pulls of the character really well. But he's never stroke me as a demanding villain. He doesn't stand out to me as a powerful, threatening or dominant foe. Then we have the more recent Thor: The Dark World, which again I enjoyed but Malekith, I doubt many people will remember. I mean that fight Thor and Malekith had was pretty cool and that bit when they fall down the gherkin in London was funny. But I doubt anybody would rank Malekith in there top 10 MCU villains by the time Cinematic Universe is over.

Looks like were now brought to the Iron Man franchise. The fact that we have had three movies from Iron Man means that we should have had a decent villain. Once again we have an origins movie and Obadiah was a decent enough villain for the first, but nothing special. Second Iron Man movie brought Ivan Vanko into the franchise but again nothing special. In fact he was probably less memorable than Malekith. I don't blame Mickey Rourke for this, I blame the ones who cut a lot of his scenes from the movie. He was barely a part of the movie and barely a threat considering the time he lasted when fighting Iron Man. Now [Iron Man 3](movie:24391) had the potential to give us one of the greatest villain performances in the MCU. But no they ruined the Mandarin and Aldrich Killian just wasn't the villain to be in this movie. Ben Kingsley may have not been the Chinese Mandarin that most comic fans know, but from the trailers he showed the perfect dominant villain for this movie. Then they wasted him in the worst possible way. Moving on.

The only other movie we have is Incredible Hulk. In this movie we had General Ross played by William Hurt who was good enough but then he is more of an Anti-Hero. He's against the Hulk but he's just trying to do his job as a General. Emil Blonsky is the real villain of this movie but we don't see him take on the form of Abomination until the end of the movie. There wasn't enough of him in this movie to say he really stood out as a fantastic villain.

From what I've just spoken about some of you may disagree but you can't doubt that Marvel still needs to have a break through with a villain to remember. Im hoping that next year we will get just this with Ultron. Ultron has to be one of my favourite Marvel villains and he deserve to be presented as the devastating foe he is. I haven't seen the comic con footage from the Marvel panel but I have listened to the audio. Without doubt James Spader's voice for Ultron is perfect and I have high hopes for the character come next year. This should be the villain we've all been waiting for and as well as Ultron, Thanos should be another groundbreaking villain. The appearance Thanos made in Guardians Of The Galaxy was amazing so hopefully we will see the Mad Titan become the villain we all deserve.


Do you agree Marvel needs to step up with their villain performance?


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