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Is Disney teaching our young girls to chose or marry guys for their money or status? To look for the Princes and Genie owners? I know what you're thinking, "Cinderella didn't know he was a Prince. She fell in love at first sight with him... then the bell rang. She said she had to go. She said, 'Oh, the Prince - I didn't meet the Prince!' She didn't know the guy she was smitten with was the Prince."

Belle (Beauty & the Beast) found a monster in a dark, for boding castle where she was being held prisoner - how could she know? Ariel saw Eric on the boat! I don't think she really knew he was a Prince (back then people that owned boats where either fishermen or very, very rich, but I digress). Aladdin was never a Prince and Jasmine still loved him. He happened to own a genie though, but more of that later. Tiana fell for a frog! A frog that told her he was a Prince.

Anyways, these are the majority of arguments against the fact that all these girls end up trading...UP! But really? How can they ALL HAPPEN to be Princes they fall in love with? What a stroke of luck! Or is it a pre-meditated plot from experienced Gold diggers?

I give you four main examples, even though there are A LOT more, we will stick with 4 for now.

Belle and "The Beast"

You poor, castle dwelling, fortune owning, thing..
You poor, castle dwelling, fortune owning, thing..

Let's take Belle. She wasn't satisfied with the hardes't working man in town, even though he was also the best looking. Yes he wasn't the smartest, but he could put food on the table, and was very loyal. Yes, I'm talking about Gaston! HE could have any girl in town but Belle was all he thought about.

These girls ain't loyal... but Gaston is! Now Belle's reason for not accepting him was what again? Because he wasn't smart? Because he was.. CONFIDENT? Fair enough but then why fall for a BEAST that owns a castle, kidnapped your father, and tried to kill you when he smashed the table in anger? Ah, because he is actually a Prince?

As we remember Belle's father was trapped in the Castle and she traded places with him. She absolutely hated being in the Castle and didn't even want to have dinner with Beast. Until she found the Rose and knew he was a man (seeing the painting of how he looked as a man in the enchanted room). No, not any kind of man but a Prince! Suspiciously, this is when her interest peaks in him! Hmm...

Let me break this down: in todays society this translates into her falling for a guy owning a mansion and a fortune from rich deceased parents. So that makes Belle a gold-digger.

Jasmine and Aladdin

I did say no,.. that was before I saw your Cadillac
I did say no,.. that was before I saw your Cadillac

Jasmine. Jasmine is usually's people "go to" argument against this but before you rush into it let us remember Jasmine had met Aladdin before he was a Genie owner and well they DID hit it off! When she heard of his death, she was indeed devastated. So far, Jasmine seems like the perfect girl but then when Prince Ali-Aba-Bua, or whatever Aladdin in disguise called himself, shows up Jasmine isn't interested at all! In fact, she hates him until she sees his Cadillac, I mean... FLYING CARPET! We have seen Youtube videos of hidden cameras where the car a man is driving turns the gold diggers mind around and we are no strangers to this! In this case, all it took was a flying carpet, and she was all "Oh, my Prince! show me the world!" Jasmine! You hated him! What happened?!

That was the turning point for Jasmine! In today's world it translates to a girl liking the guy who has a nice car. So, Jasmine is totally a gold-digger! Or maybe a flying carpet lover?

Tiana and 'The Frog'

So all I have to do is kiss you and I'm rich?
So all I have to do is kiss you and I'm rich?

Tiana, Tiana, Tiana... What would a person do for money? Would you... off the top of my head... maybe KISS a frog!? And to make it easier, would you kiss a frog that SPOKE to you and told you he was a prince trapped in a frogs body and needed a kiss to be transformed back? Well, hell yeah she would! And she did! It didn't work at first but she stuck by him until it did work! So the tale of Tiana is pretty direct: Do this for money Tiana and she will.

Tiana the most basic gold digger there is and possibly into frogs too, she needs help!

And last but not least...

Cinderella and The Prince

..and make me look rich! Use whatever black magic!
..and make me look rich! Use whatever black magic!

The tale of Cinderella is that Cinderella didn't know he was a Prince... yeah right! She fell in love at first sight with him and then the bell rang. She said she had to go. She said, "Oh, the Prince; I didn't meet the Prince!" She didn't know the guy she was smitten with was the Prince or is that what they want you to believe?

In those times if anyone was clean, not tan, and wealthy we know they were at least very very wealthy! Secondly, one cannot live in a kingdom without knowing who is Prince of that kingdom. It's utter bull! And to make matters worse if you want him for love, why do you need to dress up in a full on diamond dress and crystal shoes too impress the non-Prince? I think we all know that the only way she could get the Prince was to fake her status and that's what she did indeed! Using black magic or um... using pumpkin magic! This is wrong! This is teaching our kids that GET the richest guy, and DON'T be yourself!

So for Cinderella I'm not only giving her the gold-digger status but also teaching-young-women-that-you-are-judged-by-how-you-look-superficial status!! Terrible woman this one, Cinderella married for money and status which makes her the gold-digger queen!

I for one am not sure I'd like my daughters watching certain Disney cartoons. I think Dreamworks and Pixar animations have their head in the right place. After all, Disney is run by a giant mouse that lives in a CASTLE! So materialistic!

What do you guys think? Is Disney teaching our kids that material wealth is the goal? Get the rich guy? Or is it just a coincidence?

Are Disney princesses gold-diggers? Or just very very very lucky?


Are Disney princesses Gold-diggers?


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