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You would never be able to guess this now, but I haven't always been a huge fan of [The Walking Dead](series:201193). In fact, I was completely horrified by it, disgusted by it, and hated it. Shocker, I know. What was I thinking back then?

The thing is: Zombies terrify me. The undead is my number one fear. It's an irrational fear, I know, considering zombies don't actually exist (but they may one day.. and I seriously fear for my survival unless one Daryl Dixon makes an appearance). I've had more nightmares about the zombie apocalypse than any other thing. It's a problem.

That being said, my first experience with The Walking Dead was interesting. I was at my boyfriend (now husband)'s house and some friends of his brother avidly watched the show. It was Sunday, the show was coming on, so they switched whatever channel I was watching to the new episode.. then they left. I wasn't paying much attention to the TV, I think I was on my computer or something, but when I did happen to look up, the first scene I ever saw was when Daryl and Andrea come across the camper who had hung himself in a tree, only to become a walker. I cringed at the sight and quickly switched the channel.

Fast forward a year or so, my boyfriend started watching the show in college. He worked at the school as a lounge attendant, meaning he sat in the dorm lounge and checked people in who were visiting students who lived in that dorm. It was a job with long and boring shifts, but I could always sit in the lounge with him and we would either do homework or watch Netflix to pass time. So one day, he was watching The Walking Dead when I came down to sit with him. He forced me to watch it (he often tries to get me to watch t.v. shows and movies I say I don't like) and I still hated the show, but he kept watching anyways. For days. After being forced to watch a couple of episodes I started inquiring about it, asking about the relationships between characters, what had been going on, etc. and eventually, I was asking if we could watch the show. I think we caught up to the current season in a matter of a couple of days. From then on, I was obsessed and it's only gotten more intense season after season.

Only a year later, I now have been to Georgia twice to see filming locations, I've seen every episode of every season at least twice, I countdown the days to the next season premiere (28 days until season 5), and I spend a good amount of time each week reading new articles and interviews concerning the cast and show. Plus I talk about it a lot. A lot, a lot. Whenever someone mentions The Walking Dead, my heart beats faster, my eyes lighten up, and I get so excited about the conversation to come. I just really, really love The Walking Dead.

Now I'd love to know your Walking Dead story. Have you been a die hard since season one? Are you an avid comic reader? What got you started?


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