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Vídeo Brinquedo was a very notorious Brazilian computer animation studio that loves to make direct-to-DVD rip-offs of films made by studios like Pixar, Disney, and Dreamworks. However, there was a light in the dark tunnel that this studio hath built. It was a series of films that they released, beginning in 2007. It was a mockbuster of the Transformers cartoons (note that 2007 was also the year the film franchise began), and that mockbuster series is known as Gladiformers.

The story takes place in an arena, and is centered around transformable robot vehicles as they fight each other in gladiatorial combat. The main protagonist is Julius Drive, a robot car that was a wealthy prince who was sold to slave traders. His main enemy is the Magnum Tutor, whom Julius eventually defeats at the end.

I would think that this is Vídeo Brinquedo's most decent film, due to being a take on the Transformers franchise in general. The original Brazilian release of the film was in the Portuguese language. For the English dub of this movie, the studio used voice actors from 4Kids, a company that mostly distributes kid-friendly animes for the American market. They also used 4Kids actors for the English dubs of their other CGI movies; the reason being is that because Vídeo Brinquedo owns the Brazilian rights to 4Kids-licensed material, meaning that the studio is also a distributor of those cartoons.

The film had gained bits of negative reception over the years. For example, Internet film critic and YouTube celebrity Emer Prevost, host of his web series Reaction & Review, criticized Gladiformers for its cheap, hardly-believable CGI, poor script, hammy voice acting, corny dialogue, and having no distribution of weight to the giant robots seen in the movie.

I think this is the best Brazilian sci-fi animation, so far.


What are your thoughts on Gladiformers?


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