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Red Band Society, FOX’s first-ever YA hospital drama, takes The Fault in Our Stars up a few notches. The intriguing series introduces us not to two, but to six terminally ill young adults, as they deal with the struggles, triumphs, hopes, fears, loves and losses when it comes to living in a hospital. Co-executive produced by Steven Spielberg and co-starring Oscar winner Octavia Spencer as a sometimes-curmudgeonly head nurse who rules the roost, this is surely one of the buzziest shows to start up this season, and we didn’t hesitate to sit down and talk with the cast of young talents who reside in this wing, aka the ‘Red Band Society’ themselves!

We are somewhat familiar with these faces, but others are new to us: Astro (Earth to Echo), Griffin Gluck (Private Practice, United States of Tara) and up-and-coming YA favorite Zoe Levin (Beneath the Harvest Sky, Palo Alto) have all appeared in projects we’ve seen in the past, while Ciara Bravo, Charlie Rowe and Nolan Sotillo are welcome newcomers.

As Zoe says about her character Kara on the show, “she’s a fun character to grow with and explore.” All six of these smart and capable actors are exploring their roles, which will grow deeper as the season progresses. The challenge, of course, is figuring out what's going on on a deeper level, below each of their illnesses. “Kara has this vulnerability because she needs a new heart – but she can be kind of bitch at the same time,” Zoe continues. “I’ve gone back and forth about her – I hope that [the audience] feels this tug-of-war that I do!” Listen here as the rest of the cast chimes in on the show!

Red Band Society premieres September 17th on FOX.


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