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David Damato

Now question of the day. With all these DC universe TV shows coming out and within the next few years there will be more should there be a network? And do you think DC has enough content? In my opinion they have enough for saturday cartoons with titles as Teen Titans Go, Young Justice, Justice League, Batman the Animated Series, Superman the Animated series,Green Lantern and Batman Brave and the Bold there is enough for Saturday mornings plus they could relaunch some of those and create new titles.

As for afternoon shows on weekends they could run reruns of the prime-time shows that are running for that season. Titles Such as Arrow, Constantine, The Flash, Gotham and the up coming series the live action Teen Titans and Supergirl. As there would be a plus side as well with cross over events made for TV movies due to the cross over events.

Now during day time TV to prime time they could run reruns of old titles such as Smallville, Wonder Woman, Batman, Swamp Thing, Lois and Clark The new Adventures of Superman and The Flash.

Off season they could run movies which are so many too even mention.

And last but not least as for late nights besides running reruns they should run comic book based shows that are popular on YouTube. Like Varient comics.Tell me what you think in the comments below. And what shows would you would like to see made a show.



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