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The Doctor. An ancient Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, he’s had thirteen different faces and a different personality to go along with each one. The Doctors seen in recent years (2005-present) are the Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors as well as the War Doctor. Each of these Doctors have their ups and downs. But the Twelfth Doctor, portrayed by actor Peter Capaldi, is the newest Doctor, with a mere four episodes having aired. Yet, in this small amount of time, I have decided that he is the best Doctor, but not my favorite Doctor. And I’ll explain why on both points.

First things first, the 12th [Doctor Who](series:200668) is drastically different from Doctors Nine, Ten, and Eleven. Ten and Eleven especially, while quite different, had similar childish attitudes. The War Doctor, of course, was much more mature having fought in the Time War. But the War Doctor still wasn’t as serious as the Twelfth Doctor. While being much more serious and darker than his past selves that I’ve mentioned here, the Twelfth Doctor still has a lightheartedness about him, which mostly manifests when he’s being dramatic, like when he's challenging Robin Hood to a duel with a spoon, or when he seems slightly insane, like when he’s tell Clara about his theory that everybody has their own hidden companion.
In addition to all of this, the Twelfth Doctor is a greater mystery than Ten or Eleven, because the Doctor himself doesn’t know entirely understand who he is. He questions much about himself, including whether or not he’s a good man. The Twelfth Doctor brings a new edge to the show, but is still the same character at the once. Yes, he’s stern and serious, but he is the Doctor. He travels across time and space and fights the good fight with his TARDIS and Clara by his side.

Now, I said that while the Twelfth Doctor is the best Doctor I’ve seen, he’s not my favorite. My favorite Doctor is undoubtedly the Eleventh Doctor, played by Matt Smith. I’m not sure why; a little bit of his personality, probably, but also because he just seems to be the Doctor. Maybe because I’ve seen his episodes more than any others, maybe because the Eleventh Doctor seemed to do more than any other Doctor, even though he was only the Doctor for a couple of years. But I also think that the Twelfth Doctor is the best Doctor because he takes a bit of the Tenth Doctor’s cleverness, some of the Eleventh Doctor’s dramatic qualities, and makes it his own. With that being said, on to the review.
First off, I am going to keep this almost entirely spoiler free, and what I do spoil probably won’t ruin everything for you. Now, for the real review.

Four episodes into season eight, and I’m hooked. Of course, it’s Doctor Who so I’m going to be hooked, but still. This four episodes are, in order, Deep Breath, Into the Dalek, The Robot of Sherwood, and Listen. So far, my favorite has The Robot of Sherwood because it is so funny. The Doctor (that’s the Twelfth one, of course) and Robin Hood meet. Neither really like each other at first, and both have a pretty sharp wit and tongue to duel with, which leads to plenty of laughs. But if you have to pick one of those episodes to watch, just one, then pick Listen. It’s the first episode so far without any mention of Missy and the Promised Land (more about that in a moment), but Clara steers the TARDIS somewhere much, much more amazing. Somewhere that will shatter everything you saw in The Day of the Doctor. I can’t tell because of MAJOR spoilers, but it’s the ultimate Doctor Who Easter egg. Simply put, the planet they land on allows Clara to influence the Doctor in ways that I never would have thought possible. Especially since he never left the TARDIS.

Now, here’s where the light spoiling begins. It’s about the previously mentioned Missy and the Promised Land, which appears to be the story arc of the whole season. In the first two episodes, two characters who died appeared in the Promised Land, also called Heaven. They were greeted there by Missy, an unknown woman with way too much makeup who simply tells the person they have arrived at the Promised Land/Heaven. In the third episode, neither Missy nor the Promised Land were showed, but the ship which the Doctor found in the Sherwood had been on a course to the Promised Land before it crashed. My personal theory on this is that Missy is building some kind of an army to fight the Doctor. Maybe to attack him psychologically, because both of these characters died because of the Doctor. But, considering the fact that the robots had it set as a destination suggests that she might be trying to attack him psychically. And then there’s the huge, much more plausible theory: that I am completely wrong about what Missy is doing and that I am going to be completely blown away by the final few episodes.

So, when it comes down to it, the Twelfth Doctor rocks. The eighth season is incredible, and will continue to be so. One quick question for you-why aren’t you watching the new season now that this post is over? Unless you’re watching the trailer for season eight which I placed below. In which case it’s perfectly acceptable for you not to be watching Doctor Who. But just barely.


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