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James Bond, Agent 007 of Her Majesty's Secret Service (MI6) has been one of the longest running movie franchises ever. Based on the books of Ian Fleming published from the 50's until Fleming's death in 1965. 1962 was the start of the movie franchise with Doctor No. It also catapulted Sean Connery's career as well.

Connery, who had defined the role for many years played Bond with a combination of Charm and Lethal Cunning. While the movies don't follow the books in chronological order, they certainly have made a larger impact on pop culture than the books ever could. There were four other Actors to play Bond after Connery left the role in 1971 with Diamond's are Forever, but no other Actor had been able to capture the essence of James Bond until Daniel Craig.

The re-invention of Bond in 2006 (not really a re-boot because the character has been updated with each new actor that played him since Roger Moore resigned from service in 1985,) Brought a new focus on physicality not seen since the early days of Sean Connery. Bond was once again the Highly Skilled Agent with a License to Kill.

Craig's Bond is a no nonsense take on the character closer to the books than even Connery's version. The tone of the past three films are far more serious than any since "From Russia with Love." Bond is far more formidable in hand to hand combat (as a Blunt Instrument should be.) The "Glib Remarks" and "Pithy Comebacks" are few and far between now in fitting with the darker tone of the movies.

This brings me to the Villains. Since they have gone back to the beginning of Bond's career with Casino Royale, It is fitting that they re-introduce the Organization known as SPECTRE.

From "Doctor No" all the way through to "On her Majesty's Secret Service," SPECTRE was the thread that tied all these films together (Ok, Goldfinger had nothing to do with SPECTRE but the other five films did.) It would make sense to bring them back.

So what do you think?


Should SPECTRE return to the Bond Franchise?


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