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I've been very excited about "The Garrison Commander" ... Not as excited as I am about "The Wedding" next week, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Because this episode was amazing.

Black Jack Randall is an 'exquisite, bloody' masterpiece in 'The Garrison Commander'. Seriously. Can we talk about Tobias Menzies? How hypnotic was that long scene between Jack Randall and Claire? This dance, across a dinner table, as she told a string of lies and he accepted none of it, was terrifying and beautiful at the same time.

Yes, I went there: It was beautiful. Tobias Menzies is crafting a villain that is both magnetic and repulsive at the same time. You're going to love him while you hate him. You're not going to take your eyes off of him, out of both fear and wonder, because there's an alluring quality there too.

They only have so much time to get the story across on screen. Every moment must count. So changing this scene, and adding to it, enhancing it, hardly feels worth mentioning as a difference because it worked so well (in comparison to the book, and yes I have to reference back and forth some). We've moved from a dank cell to a beautiful dining room, but who wouldn't want that kind of light in a scene instead onscreen, with the beautiful windows? And the addition of the shaving scene, with the heirloom razor? There's no better way to get Randall's menacing physicality and, dare I say it, attractiveness, across, while flashing forward in comparison to Claire's Frank. The sparring between Randall and Claire over the murder of the officer versus the death of the two Scotsmen in episode 5? A test of her English allegiance and loyalty on Scottish land. She is an Outlander no matter where she is (or when she is.)

So much more to talk about, virgins, and weddings oh my!


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