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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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This month, a teenage girl set her family's home on fire - and authorities suspect it may be another crime 'inspired' by Slender Man.

ABC reports that the girl, 14, used a mixture of rum and bleach to start the fire at her house in Florida after her online reading reminded her of former bullying.

Her mother and brother were inside the house but were mercifully uninjured.

The young girl set fire to her family home.
The young girl set fire to her family home.

Eddie Daniels from the local Sheriff's Office noted:

She had visited the website that contains a lot of the Slender Man information and stories. It would be safe to say there is a connection to that.

Unfortunately, there have been other cases involving young girls - in Ohio and Wisconsin - where Slender Man has been suggested as an influence.

At least nobody was seriously hurt in the most recent 'Slender Man inspired' crime - but it must have been very traumatic. Let's hope that other Slender fans are more sensible in future.


Do you think that Slender Man is dangerous for kids to read about?

Source: ABC


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