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As many of you may know, Friday would have been Paul Walkers 41st birthday. Though the star was taken far before his time, our sadness at his death hasn't stopped us taking the time to remember the wonderful person that Paul was, least of all his brother, Vin Diesel.

On Friday, Vin took to his Facebook page to share with us a very special video from exactly one year ago, on Paul's 40th birthday.

Check it out below:

Wow, I can feel the love! That video is so awesome and special, it's an honor that Vin has chosen to share it with us all. This was particular poignant:

You can just tell that Vin and Paul shared a massive bond and it pains him everyday that his brother is gone.

I especially loved at the end when another round of 'Happy Birthday' starts up and Vin sings 'happy birthday dear Pablo' while everyone else sings his name. And this hug just speaks for itself:


What do you think of Vin's tribute video?


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