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Ever heard the phrase "dress for the job you want, not the job you have"? Well, this one incredible guy from the Japanese city of Chiba has taken that phrase and run with it.

"Chibatman", as he's now being called, started buzzing around Japanese motorways on a custom made Batpod while dressed as a certain caped crusader around three years ago. The anonymous 41-year-old man commented that "after the great earthquake people forgot how to smile", and he wanted to take it upon himself to bring the smiles back...

What a legend.

It looks as though Chibatman will soon be known worldwide, too, just like the original, crime-fighting superhero. Is he going around like this for the sake of the city's safety? Or because this is one guy who just really likes to cosplay? At this stage, I have no idea. But, I mean, does it matter? Even the local police department have called on Chibatman for his utter awesomeness:

Realizing that if there's ever a time to pass on a cosplay opportunity, it's when you've been summoned to the police station, the man showed up in the regular clothes he wears to his non-crime-fighting day job, but it seems his reputation had proceeded him. As soon as he checked in at the front desk, the receptionist replied, "Oh, you're Batman, aren't you?" and when he was called in for his interview, he was beckoned with, "Right this way, Batman."
"I was led into what, based on how it looked, you could only describe as an interrogation room," Chibatman recalls. "Waiting there was a detective in a suit and a representative from the Land Transport Bureau."

Unlike the Dark Knight, Chibatman doesn't actually fight crime (or homicidal clowns). But check out this video which shows Chibatman in all his glory, bringing joy to the citizens of a country who have suffered so, so much in recent years:

Now THAT is the hero that we all deserve.


What do you think of this Chibatman dude?

(Source: io9, BBC)


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