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We all know Norman Reedus as the bad-ass walker slayer Daryl Dixon, but today I was totally surprised to learn that Norman Reedus is also a published author! Where will his talents end?!

It turns out that Reedus has published two books! His first book, a collection of his own photography called The Sun’s Coming Up Like A Big Bald Head was released last year, and his second book Thanks For All The Niceness is currently available on pre-order for $60 with a significant portion of the proceeds of the book'a profits going to The Bachmann Strauss Dystonia and Parkinson Foundation.

It's not the fact that Reedus has published this book that I'm so impressed, it's that Thanks For All The Niceness was a way to show his gratitude to all his fans. The Walking Dead has become part of TV culture over the last 5 years and with that has come all the amazing fan art tributes. Daryl Dixon is an especially popular characters among those creating fan art.

Thanks For All The Niceness contains 300 fan artworks created in tribute to Daryl Dixon which were selected by Reedus, you can check it out and buy it here.

But for those of us who unfortunately don't have a spare $60 for this awesome book, I've compiled a gallery list of some of my own favorite Daryl Dixon fan art.

Take a look:


Daryl and Lil' Ass Kicker

Artist HuzRedy made this this adorable team of Daryl and Judith. I like that Judith is reppin' a slingshot while she's so young, a crossbow is definitely a weapon to grow into!


Pencil sketch Daryl

Reddit user TWD_Throwaway created this amazing pencil sketch of Daryl. The detail is incredible!


Pizza Daryl

This sucker was made at Papa's Pizzas in Puerto Rico who are known for their celeb lookalike pizzas. As someone who has tried and failed to bake foods that resemble things, I know this is a true talent. Hats off!


Daryl woodburning

Made by Reddit user deathsoldier11, this is firstly, an amazingly detailed picture of Daryl Dixon and secondly, a freakin' woodburning! You know when people can burn wood with more artistic flair than you can muster with good old pen and paper that you should just give up and move aside.


Cosplay Daryl

This Daryl cosplay was made for Comic-Con 2013 by Redditor WiZP, and how cool is it that he's casually hanging out in the Governors creepy walker aquarium with Penny in her cage in the background!


Panel Daryl

Made by Maribeth Darpino over at The Small Prints, I love the use of black, white, red to capture the raw Daryl awesomeness.



Which is your favorite Daryl Dixon fan art piece?

Source: Comicbook


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