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Big in Japan
Jess O'Kane

The Japanese approach to movie promotion is pretty amazing.

It seems James Gunn, director of Guardians of the Galaxy, wasn't prepared for what Japan would do to promote the upcoming release of the film either. Gunn shared the Japanese poster on Facebook:

Pretty standard, right?

Well Gunn also shared a video of a Japanese reporter asking Rocket Raccoon questions. That is: an insanely life-like ROBOT of Rocket Raccoon. Which apparently in Japan is like, totally normal.

The video features almost a minute of the animatronic critter making scary faces like this:

And this:

Oh yeah, and right about the 10 second mark, you can make out the word "Psycho". That's before he does a maniacal laugh that will make your skin crawl:


Watch the full video below:

If you haven't seen the Japanese trailers, they're pretty special too. You don't even need a translation:

What is a tree? You've seen a tree, right? They're nice; green and glowy. Enter VIN DIESEL.

What is a Raccoon? They're cute and feral; they eat vertebrates. WELL NOT ANYMORE.

Oh, Japan.

(Source: Comic Book)


Do you like the robotic Raccoon?


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