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Sometimes I wonder what goes on in the creative minds of some artists! The bar is consistently being raised on fan art and today we've hit some gold from the Florida-based artist known only as Onac.

This artwork, which was apparently a request of a reader, has been around for a couple of years but even if you've already seen it, it's worthy of another glance. I present to you:

The Hulk as Harry Potter


Yer a wizard!

Here we see an amazing depiction of Hagrid (who should clearly be doing some sort of hair modelling with those luscious locks) telling Hulky Potter than he is infact, a wizard. The Hulk is clearly bamboozled by his new found identity.


The Hulk hates Hufflepuff

Cut to The Hulk's first day at Hogwarts in his new robes and I guess it's fair to say he's not a fan of Hufflepuff...


The Hulk mourns his family

The Hulk meets Professor Snape and it brings on all the feelings. Nice to see that Hulky Potter has Lily's bottle green eyes to match his skin.


The Hulk saves the wizarding world!

Well there's certainly no messing around for Hulky Potter. He's not about to let this drama stretch out over 8 movies; there will be no sequel here. Voldemort just frankly doesn't stand a chance against Hulk rage.


To be honest, Hulky Potter kinda reminds me of Hagrid's brother Grawp. Maybe the two of them could strike up some sort of friendship?


Would you watch a movie of The Hulk as Harry Potter?

Source: Onac911, RockyDavies


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