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November 30th 2013 will be a day no Fast and Furious Fan will never forget as we lost one of our own when Paul Walker died in a car accident in California along side friend Roger Rodas. His death is still felt by millions of fans world wide and tributes can still be read through his many pages via Facebook and Twitter. One tribute recently read:

287 days without you..."Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I'll miss you until we meet again.

Since Paul's death the makers behind the global franchise decided that his brothers Cody and Caleb would step in to finish where Paul left off, The 7th installment is due for release in April 2015 and will be his last outing on the big screen. In one of Paul's final interviews on his film Hours the attention quickly turned to the Fast and Furious Franchise and its future.

The Tribute To Paul Walker

I have got together with a few fans to run a Paul Walker tribute aimed at making a Fast and Furious soundtrack a UK and USA number 1 on the weekly singles charts for Christmas 2014. Where as previous campaigns run in the UK are anti XFactor and targeting Simon Cowell this tribute will be run purely as a tribute to Paul in his memory and as a dedication. I am also attempting to Contact Paul Walkers Charity aiming to try and make all proceeds go to his charity and help a lot of people in the process. This is a chance for his many fans to show we still love, miss him and keep his memory alive.

Click here for Paul Walker Tribute Home page.

These campaigns are new to America and I would like to make something clear, No one who runs these campaigns makes any money from them and would never accept any.

This is for Paul Walker, Our Angel in heaven.


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