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Matthew Chapman

Wow! Shit went down in this movie!

Never really been a fan of Captain America, he would be medium to low on my ladder of Marvel characters but these movies are pretty awesome!

One of the things that I love most about all these (Marvel Studios/Disney) movies is all the little name drops and hints to the Marvel Universe that are dropped all the time.

Something that is always in the back of my mind when Cap is down and out, where are the Avengers? Black Widow is obviously in it and obviously you aren’t going to have them all together in a non-Avengers movie but it’s always this little thing nagging at the back of your mind when the lead character is in trouble.

I really liked the addition of Sam Wilson aka The Falcon to the team in this movie, looking forward to seeing more of him in future Marvel movies, as well as the rest of the cast but goody two shoes Captain America was something that kind of started to get on my nerves.

At this point as we head towards the end of Phase Two, I feel pretty safe and confident watching these movies. There are still levels of good and bad but even with the bad they are still good movies to watch.

A great cast with a great story that will obviously have a ripple effect through the movies and TV shows.

If you have watched the other part of MCU than you will probably already have seen this but if you haven’t – it’s definitely worth a watch.

Already have my copy on its way from Amazon.


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