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If you haven't seen the movie yet, there may be a few small spoilers but nothing major.

So I got tickets to an advanced screening of this film and I fully expected to have it full of teenagers screaming over Teen Wolf star, Dylan O’Brien.

I walked in to the cinemas; the line was huge and full of teenagers. CRAP! Finally got my tickets and then found out that all these teenagers were going to see the new Step Up movie. YES!!! I had heard about the movie and when I found out that it was going to appear at WonderCon this year, I got a copy of the book. I only got about 100 pages or so in – not to any fault of the books! – and then just never picked it up again.

I really, really enjoyed this movie. I had heard a lot of criticism that this was just another Hunger Games. I actually found it to be more like Lord of the Flies than Hunger Games.

If you couldn’t tell from the trailers or the advertising, this story pretty much revolves around Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) and starts straight from the beginning of his time in ‘The Glade’.

The Glade is very well done, it looks like it has been built by humans with very little equipment and not made unrealistic by CGI. The Maze is also very well done, simple, built for it’s purpose and looks real and doesn’t try to be over creative.

If anyone is going to make it out of Teen Wolf and succeed, it’s going to be O’Brien. I have stopped watching the show but his character of ‘Stiles’ is what got me watching the show in the beginning and is what kept me watching as long as I did! The character of Stiles is, more often than not, the comedy relief of the show, with his uncoordinated movements but the character of Thomas is essentially quite the opposite.

The cast was pretty awesome, not a lot of them are well known but doesn’t show in this movie and while Thomas may be the headliner, the heart of the movie, even though with a smaller role would definitely have to be Chuck, played by Blake Cooper.

There seems to be an inkling of a possible future romance between Thomas and Teresa, the only female sent to The Maze, but I didn’t feel any chemistry between the two other than a brother/sister relationship.

This movie is based on a book series and while it wraps up ‘The Maze Runner’ chapter, it does leave some aspects and storylines open for the future films.

there better be future films!

I really enjoyed this film more than I thought I would and will more than likely go see it again, probably even buy it on blu-ray when it’s released.


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