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It seems that anyone in the media who isn't from the Home Counties will struggle if they want to make it big worldwide.

Poor Peter Capaldi - the 12th Doctor Who and famous Scotsman who's been causing confusion across the world with his "mumbling".

Whovians have taken to Twitter to air their grievances about having to use close-captioning to make out what the Glaswegian-born actor.

Some had more specific problems:

Pasta, folks. It's a tough one.

And it wasn't just Americans struggling to hear:

Speech experts have come forward with their opinions on Peter Capaldi's diction. Dialect coach Patricia Fletcher commented:

I do not believe it is purely the accent that is throwing off the American audience. The actor often speaks very quickly, with a staccato rhythm and without enough attention to articulating through to the end of his thought/line.

Linguistics expert Prof David Crystal had more to say on the subject of Scottish incomprehensibility:

A mild Scots accent seems to cause no problem (think Sean Connery), but broad accents may need subtitling (as in Trainspotting).

See if you can understand The Doctor in the next episode Time Heist, which airs on the 20th of September.

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