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We all know that Ian Somerhalder is dating Nikki Reed, but which other ghosts of girlfriends past are lurking in the Vampire Diaries stars dating history?

Trust me, some of them will surprise you!

Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth and Ian Somerhalder met on the set of the TV drama Young Americans, and reunited in the 2002 movie The Rules of Attraction.

When? 2002

How Long Did it last? Approximately 4 months

Confirmed? Yes


Nicky Hilton

Seeing as Ian Somerhalder recently made a swipe at shallow Kardashian culture, it's pretty bizarre that he dated one of the original famous for being famous clan, Nicky Hilton.

I wonder what they talked about...

When? This unlikely pair got together in late 2003

How Long Did it last? This relationship was another flash in the pan for Ian, the pair broke up sometime in early 2004 meaning they were together for 3 months at the most.

Confirmed? Yes


Maggie Grace

Ian is clearly the sort of guy who likes to really get to know someone before he takes the plunge into treacherous relationship territory.

Around a year after both of their characters were killed off in Lost, Somerhlader was snapped cozying up to Maggie Grace and, don't they look cute together?

When? Although this cute couple never confirmed their relationship to the press, it is believed they got together in 2006. The closest they got to announcing they were an item was when Maggie spoke out about being too young to get serious. She explained;

Ian's great, I adore him, although I'm only 22 — far too young to even think about having a serious relationship

How Long Did it last? Nobody is really sure seeing as the relationship was so private. Things were definitely over by 2007.

Confirmed? Not officially, but is accepted knowledge that this pair were definitely an item at one point. After the official Lost reunion, Somerhalder spoke warmly of Grace by saying;

I love her dearly. We’re very, very close. She is widely talented, beautiful human being, and we plan on it

Needless to say, there were rumors that this pair would get together again, but they stayed as pure speculation


Meghan Auld

Ian Somerhalder started dating NYU alum Megan Auld in 2007, but their relationship clearly wasn't all plain sailing.

The pair were together on and off for three years, but because Auld is a mere mortal (there's hope for us yet!), there isn't much info about the inner workings of Somerhalder's longest relationship to date.

When? 2007 until around June 2010

How Long Did it last? Three years

Confirmed? Yes


Lupita Jones

Well, this one is a bit of a wild card! During a break in his relationship with Megham Auld, Somerhalder was linked to former Miss Universe (She won in 2010), Lupita Jones.

The pair spent a lot of time together on a break to Mexico City in 2008 and reportedly spent most of November cozying up to each other.

When? November 2008

How Long Did it last? Less than a month.

Confirmed? This one has never been confirmed, but the pair were photographed many times at parties together, clasping hands or putting their arms around each other.

If this was a holiday fling, then both parties have done the decent thing and decided not to kiss and tell. Bravo!

Ian & Lupita attend Cancun Moda event in 2008
Ian & Lupita attend Cancun Moda event in 2008


Ashley Greene

Ian Somerhalder must really have a thing for vampires! We all know that he is dating Twilight star Nikki Reed at the moment, but did you know he also had a brief fling with Ashley Greene too?

Let this be a warning to you guys, if you're ever lucky enough to nab Ian, don't go on a break with the star! This is the second recorded fling that occurred in the midst of Somerhalder's on/off relly with Meghan Auld.

When? 2009

How Long Did it last? This meeting of vampires lasted less than a month. The pair were last spotted at a concert in Vancouver where, according to an eye witness they;

seemed really happy and kissed throughout the show.

Confirmed? Unsurprisingly, this short burst of passion was never officially confirmed. It does seem like it actually happened though.

I mean, friends don't snuggle up like this;


Nina Dobrev

This is the Ian Somerhalder relationship we all remember, whether fondly, or otherwise!

Ian and Nina transported [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) fans romantic fantasies out of Mystic Falls into real life when they hooked up and 'Nian' got it's very own shipper tag just like 'Delena'.

When? 2010-2013. Although the pair only officially took their relationship public in April 2011 at Coachella. It has since been confirmed they were getting together at the tail end of 2010.

How Long Did it last? Approximately 2 and a half years after they got together, Nian called it quits in Spring 2013.

The main reason for their split is believed to be the pairs 10 year age difference. Reportedly, Ian was ready to settle down, but Nina felt like she was too young to make the commitment and wanted to focus on her career.

The pair have publicly spoken out about remaining good friends, but recently rumor has it that things have changed.

Confirmed: Do I really need to answer that question?


Nikki Reed

The press exploded when Ian Somerhalder was spotted canoodling with Nikki Reed at a farmers market in late July.

The Twilight alum is a long-term friend of both Ian and Nina and they reportedly used to double date with Nina Dobrev and Nikki's ex-husband, Paul McDonald.

Needless to say, this relationship has proved to be controversial, with some fans attacking Reed and forcing Somerhalder to step in to defend his new belle on Instagram.

Ian seems to be totally smitten with his new love even if some 'fans' disapprove. The star has adopted a horse with Reed, and reportedly she is currently living with him near TVD set so they don't have to be apart.

Rumors are rife that Nina Dobrev is considering leaving Mystic Falls for good over Nikki's intrusions on set, but who knows the truth...

All I know is I'm glad Ian seems so happy.

When? Late July 2014

How Long Did it last? These two are still going strong!


Who do you think made the cutest couple?

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