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If you're a devoted member of Bonnie Bennett's coven, it's finally your turn to celebrate because Kat Graham has confirmed our favorite witch will definitely be back for season 6!

In an interview with TVLine, Graham teased Bonnie's return by reassuring fans that;

She is back next season

Before going on to dash hardcore Bonnie fans hopes against the rocks with this ominous sentence;

But I don’t know in what form or for how long


With every new season of [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) there are definitely going to be some characters that meet their doom, but could this mean that Bonnie will die (like, really die!) in season 6?

The more I think about it, the more likely it sounds....

Getting Damon and Bonnie back from The Other Side is obviously a huge storyline, but it could be made even more dramatic with one of the lost Mystic Falls residents not quite making it back to the land of the 'living'.

If my bets were on Damon on Bonnie becoming a sacrificial season 6 lamb, it would be totally Bonnie... Unless those rumors about Ian Somerhalder wanting to leave the show are true, of course.


Do you think Bonnie will die in TVD season 6?

(Source: TV Line)


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