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I cannot wait for this Luke Evans-starring monster origins movie, Dracula Untold. Evans will play Prince Vlad as the daddy of all vampires, before he became Dracula. We're so used to seeing the vampire wake in the middle of the night from his coffin and find unsuspecting victims, a fresh new twist could be just what this old dude needs...

Plus, with Evans keen to stress that we shouldn't think of the Dracula that Bram Stoker created, but about the man that became Dracula, we shouldn't be too quick to think he's a bad guy. As this new clip for the movie illustrates almost perfectly. Check it out:

The story shows how young Prince Vlad sacrifices himself at the hands of a bloodthirsty sultan and becomes the first vampire. Origin movies? No longer original. But if Luke Evans' performance in that latest clip is anything to go by, then I'll be happy with this flick. What say you?


Will you be sinking your teeth into Dracula?

(Source: Metro)


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