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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
Jancy Richardson

You're alone in the house. Maybe it's dark, maybe you're half asleep and everything seems like you're stuck in a nightmare. Either way, we're vulnerable when we're alone and scared...

Check out 10 spine-tingling confessions from the Whisper app from people who had creepy experiences at home, all alone...

1. Little Girl Lost

Creepy giggling is never a good sign.


2. Spooky Siri

Siri, shut up. Seriously, Siri.


3. Wake & Shake

Ew, that's some Poltergeist s**t right there.


4. Flowers In The Attic

Horror movies have ruined attics for me.


5. Stuck In The Middle

A ghost with OCD perhaps?

6. Me, Myself & I

I don't like this one bit.

7. Domestic Disturbance

So, either your neighbors are hearing things, or you're screaming without knowing it. Not good, either way.


8. Mirror, mirror...

Not good, unless the person looking back at you is Jessica Alba or something.

9. Guys & Dolls

Keep repeating, 'It's just a prank, it's just a prank'...

10. Marked For Slaughter?

In the Cirque Du Freak books/movies, this is exactly how the evil Vampaneze mark their prey before killing them. So, yup, this is creepy.


Well, that was creepy as all heck. Have you ever had a terrifying experience when you were alone in the house? Please share with us!


Has Anything Truly FREAKY Happened To You At Home, All Alone?


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