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Already excited about the release of Arrow Season 2 on DVD? Well, prepare to take that rampant enthusiasm and turn it up to 11, because details of the release's special features have leaked, and they're...pretty darned exciting.

More specifically, the box set will include two particular deleted scenes from the season finale, Unthinkable, that might just set hearts a-quiver.

(Also, note, there are potential Arrow SPOILERS below)

First up, there'll be a 'what if?' sort of scenario, with a dream sequence showing what might have been had Oliver Queen managed to save his mother Moira's life - allowing Susanna Thompson to return to the role, following her death at the hands of Slade.

The second, though, is the one you might need to sit down for - because Harley Quinn is back.

And just as quippy as ever...
And just as quippy as ever...

That's right, the Suicide Squad’s 'Deranged Squad Female' returns, this time with more dialogue - and one particularly neat line, calling Diggle "Chocolate Puddin'".

And, let's be honest - you can never hear too much of Tara Strong's voice - or see too much of Harley Quinn.

Especially since season 3 - with all its promise of awesome cameos, continued plot arcs, arch-villainy and general DC-y comic book goodness - is just around the corner. Which means we might well see a whole lot more of Ms Quinn - and potentially a whole bunch more iconic DC characters - in the near future.

Now, all we have to do is wait until [Arrow](series:720988) returns on October 8...


What do you guys reckon? Excited for the DVD extras?

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