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With all those guys punching, shooting, blowing stuff up and bashing each other on the nose, The Expendables 3 went down like a testosterone-fuelled treat. "Sugar-tits" Gibson totally crank this nostalgic franchise up a notch. His stupefying temper and hatred for...well, pretty much everybody, was the icing on this kick-ass cake for me.

Ok, we were missing Rush Hour's Jackie Chan. But guess what? Word on the street is that old guard Sly Stallone wants the martial artist to return for Expendables 4... I've ordered my 'roids in already! Check this out:

As we head into future installments, we plan on adding more celebrities from around the world and not just Americans. The star cast will be international and hence appeal to a global audience at a personal level.

Stallone continued:

We always wanted to work with Jackie, but due to a shortage of central roles, an arrangement could not be made. However, in the upcoming installment, we will surely try to bring him on board. For The Expendables 4, we are trying to reduce the number of stars and increase their individual screen time. Let’s see how that goes!

How's that for a slick slice of cool!?

So will The Expendables 4 have a smaller focus with a less crowded team? If that's the case, Stallone and Chan should just team up for their own action thriller. However, there have been rumblings that Stallone wants to round up everyone who hasn't been able to appear in the franchise so far for The Expendables 4.

If the movie happens, it's fantastic that Sly's getting Chan on board. We need another martial arts person besides Li. And Sly, if you're listening, get back Nic Cage, Mickey Rourke and Steven Seagal, too.


Who do YOU want brought in for The Expendables 4?

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