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Big Star Wars Episode VII news, gang:

Or, at least, potentially SPOILERIFIC Star Wars Episode VII rumors... have seemingly revealed the nature of the film's primary antagonist's - and they come from a long, long line of Star Wars big bads.

More specifically, they're reportedly "an aristocratic family ‘line’ involving Episode 7’s bad guys."

Which, the source suggests, is:

"...the line of Dooku. Details and characters might have changed but the idea of an aristocratic villain with a heritage going back to the Clone Wars has been there from pre-production and as far as I know it’s still a major part of the story."

All of which, when added to an earlier rumor that Gwendoline Christie has essentially taken over the role originally written with Benedict Cumberbatch in mind, suggests we might just see a villainous, aristocratic Space-Brienne.

Or, alternatively, not so much, if these newly released images of what looks like Christie and Adam Driver, which seem to suggest that they're both playing heroes, are anything to go by:

Either way, we're still totally over-excited about [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158), so much so that December 2015 seems a long long way away.


What do you guys reckon? Will Dooku's descendants be the villains?



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