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The Walking Dead: September 29

Season 4 of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) saw the show become AMC's best viewed show ever, even beating the winter Olympics in terms of ratings - and it is perhaps best viewed in Netflix's unique style, the TV binge.

Season 4 saw the group go through a lot of changes, and, without wanting to give away too many spoilers, fans can expect some heart wrenching moments, especially in episodes like The Grove, which saw a TV show go to a new level of darkness.

The Walking Dead Season 4: The Darkest Yet?
The Walking Dead Season 4: The Darkest Yet?

How I Met Your Mother: September 26

After its controversial finale, How I Met Your Mother did something of a backtrack, and released an alternate ending last week.

The first HIMYM finale had provoked much discussion - and, whether you liked it or hated it, it was unusual to see a show that had its end in mind from the very beginning.

And now, if you feel like it, you can go back and watch the whole final season again, because How I Met Your Mother Season 9 is coming to Netflix on September 26.

Some fans might not have thought it was the best season of HIMYM, but it every fan is going to want to see it.

About A Boy: September 14

Another show that is (arguably) based on a different TV show or movie is [About a Boy](series:867428), which follows in the footsteps of the British-set movie starring Hugh Grant.

This comes from the [Friday Night Lights](movie:395109) show runner Jason Katims, and like the Hugh Grant movie it depicts a charming (if somewhat adrift) single guy who lives of royalty checks he gets for writing a Christmas single he is now ashamed of, who learns a lot about life by getting to know his new neighbor's kid, Marcus.

In its combination of honor and heartfelt emotion, it could even by a successor to HIMYM. And as this one actually came to Netflix yesterday, fans can get bingeing already!


Which show are you most looking Forward to watching on Netflix?

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