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Two Can Keep A Secret If One Of Them Is Dead
Nikolas Hajiantonis

The new trailer is out and it is amazing. We all have been waiting for this trailer and it's finally out. This is a spoiler-free review of the trailer. I will mention what we saw and what we might have ignored.

What We Saw in the Hunger Games 3 Trailer

The first thing we see is Katniss in a plane heading to district 13. This is not news for us since we already know from Catching Fire that she is heading to 13. However while she is on the plane we hear her say "I never wanted any of this. I never wanted to be in the games. I just wanted to save my sister and keep Peeta alive." Then it changes the scene and we see Katniss in a room talking to Snow via video call. Snow late replies "Miss Everdeen it's the things we love most that destroy us."

Afterwards the trailer takes us for a tour in district 13. We see a weapon room, a room for practice, an elevator and a lot of other stuff. Later we see some fight scenes and Katniss getting ready for a fight wearing black tight clothes.

What We Might Have Missed

1-In my last review I was wondering were Effie is in all this. In this trailer we see Effie pining the Mockingjay pin on Katniss.

2-Katniss and Gale are trying to shoot to planes sent by Capitol. Unfortunately Gale missed and Katniss is the only one who succeeded. However they were lucky and the plane that Katniss shot fall over the other plane and both exploded.

3- At the very beginning Katniss is laying next to Primrose which means Primrose is in district 13.

Favorite Parts

1-Katniss' reaction when Peeta says "I want everyone who's watching to lay down the weapons now."

2-When Katniss says "You will rescue Peeta at the earliest opportunity or you will find another Mockingjay"

3-When Haymitch says "Peeta is Capitol's weapon, the same way you are ours"

Here's the trailer



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