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Juan Miguel Cobos

The SDCC ended more than a month ago, in which we could see trailers of our most anticipated films. Well, almost. When the "BvS: Dawn of Justice" teaser was released, a brave guy recorded it and then, we could see the teaser that -unfortunately - we will never see in HD.

But there's one thing that we were (and are still) expecting: The Cinderella teaser... (just kidding) The Avengers: Age of Ultron teaser.

The lucky ones who could see the trailer gave us details about it, and this left us with more desire to see it. To make it worse, the audio was filtered, only the audio, nothing more. But there are some pretty smart people in this world, smart and kindly people that, with nothing more than a pencil and a computer, can give us a clue as to how the teaser went and looked.

Take a look at this fan made trailers:

But the real question is: When will we see the "Avengers: Age of ultron" trailer?

Pesonally, I think that the official trailer will be released very soon: September 30th, October 7th or October 14th.

But; why these dates in particular? First, I can´t see the future and I´m not crazy. I´m saying this dates because, if you remember, "The Avengers" (2012) trailer was released one of the first Tuesdays in october of 2011. And the "Iron Man 3" Trailer was released again one of the first Tuesdays in october of 2012. And the last year, the "Captain América: TWS" Trailer was released in october 24th.

This sounds great, because October is coming and this means that we don´t have to wait so long to see it!

But what do you think guys, Is the trailer really coming soon or will we have to wait more time?


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