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I put the word review in quotes for a reason. This is basically going to be me flailing over the Glade and Dylan O'Brien's dirty shoulders, so be prepared. That said, I will be talking about bits and bobs from the books and movies so BE WARNED FOR SPOILERS.

Let's get the Dylan feelings out of the way first, eh? We all know he's talented, right? We all know he's attractive. But he is so much the two of these things in this movie, holy cats. Thomas from the books is not my favorite character (NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWT). Dylan plays him slightly different than I read him, though. Vulnerable, but still strong. He's a great Runner, but he's not a great runner. (I don't even run and I was like what is that form Dylan?) He's constantly asking questions, but you can tell by his body language that he just can't help it. His brain is always whirring, and he doesn't even need to be speaking for you to be able to tell. Dylan does such great acting with his hands and face and body, but his voice in this movie is even different. And you can tell it comes to him naturally.


Oh, and then there's this:


Take as long as you need with that picture, I understand.

The Glade itself looked gorgeous. The crow's nest thing was cool, and I liked the Lost Boys feel of the hammocks instead of the sleeping bags from the books. Very little time was spent in the map room, and we only got to see a smidgeon of the gardens and woods. For a place that is almost its own character, it didn't get much screen time, but then the same could be said for a lot of the characters.

Theresa, for example, was barely noticeable to me. One funny scene in the crow's nest and some touching moments with Chuck, and that was it. We didn't get much of Minho's character either. A lot of time was spent on Chuck and Thomas's friendship, I'm assuming to maximize the emotions at the end of the film (btw, Dylan's sobbing KILLED ME), and on Gally's antagonizing. Will Poulter is SO GOOD at being a bad guy, even if it is unnatural to see him being mean when he's such a sweetheart in real life.

Alby was way nicer in the movie than he is in the books, which I was thrown by but ended up liking. Frypan was GREAT, even if I didn't really realize it was him (I don't think they call him by name?) until way late in the movie. Seriously, though, so endearing. Chris Sheffield did a great job making me feel super sorry for Ben, and the med-jack dudes were awesome too.



When I first finished the Maze Runner trilogy I looked up fan fiction to see who the main slash pairing was, and I was SHOCKED to find out it was Thomas/minho. I shipped Thomas/Newt SO HARD. maybe it's because of what happens to Newt, that people can't bring themselves to write it? I don't know, but maaaaaan. Thomas/Newt is where it's at. Especially in the movie. Their chemistry is off the charts. I know it's been discussed that Dylan O'Brien can have chemistry with a mop, but like.

Literally this entire scene is just hearteyes and getting drunk and UST.
Literally this entire scene is just hearteyes and getting drunk and UST.


Put it away, Newt.
Put it away, Newt.


The maze was done so so sosososososososo well. I’m still a little bummed that the grievers are more machine than squish (I pictured them like slugs with robot attachments not giant mechanical spider/scorpion hybrids) but everything else was exactly how I imagined. The ivy, the way the walls moved, how it sounded. All the action in the maze was really well done also. Watching Thomas’s imperfect (but super fast) running next to Minho’s excellent form was highly entertaining.

I was blown away by how much I loved the movie. It’s not the most faithful book-to-movie adaptation but it’s pretty darn close to the books, and the cast is fantastic. It may feel rushed to non-book readers, maybe leave a few too many questions to 100% satisfy, but my mom didn’t read the books and she said it was great, so there you go.

Great action, great emotion, great suspense, and these faces. Can’t go wrong if you ask me.

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