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Season 5 of The Vampire Diaries has passed and people are getting fidgety for the monsters and supernatural forces of Mystic Falls to return to their eagerly awaiting television sets for Season 6.

Season 6 will be gracing your lives again in just a couple of weeks, but until then The 2014 Vampire Diaries Convention took place over the weekend at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas and they had a special treat for everyone! Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder presented a new behind the scenes gag reel from the past season.

In case you haven't seen it yet, we're going to tell you all about it and why you need to get on that ASAP!

Let's start with my favorite part of the entire video:

Every time one of the actors fumbled their lines and spilled some verbal diarrhea in frustration, a comical vampire mouth stamped over their own to bleep out the choice words. Keep it PG, ya' sailors!

Paul Wesley shows his silly side behind his always intense Stefan Salvatore character. Paul is in a lab of sorts dishing out the informational scoops he is finding to someone on the phone when, as you can tell, it doesn't quite stick to the lines of the script but totally explodes into an extreme amount of cute.

During a scene where Damon and Elena are smooching on the front porch, a crewman messes up a call in the background making the director call 'CUT!'. Ian smiles and looks at the unfortunate worker and lightly says how he can mess up all day if it means he gets to be kissin' on the beautiful Nina Dobrev. "You can mess up all day, I'm cool with it." Nina chuckles in good spirit but then playfully mouths to the camera, "I'm not." Youch!

Steven R. McQueen is a gift to all women, and he knows it. In the middle of hilarious outtakes and dippy conversation amongst the cast of The Vampire Diaries it cuts to Steven ripping off a button-up shirt and proudly proclaiming, "THAT was for the world!" Well, Mr. McQueen you are far too generous with us commoners.

Elena is lighting candles atop a tall candelabra with a long matchstick when Nina Dobrev accidentally feels the heat. Right on her cheek. She scurries off laughing about how she burned herself, and you can't help but laugh and want to hug her at the same time.

Ian Somerhalder dances across the screen in his always true-to-form cheerful spirit, just for some shits and giggles during a scene break. Oh, boy, did I giggle.

Check out the full glorious 4:22 second clip below and be prepared to laugh instead of cry during this one, guys!

Is this enough to get your fang fill?! If not make sure you are sitting in front of your TV in your favorite chair at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Thursday, October 2nd to watch [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853)Season 6 premiere on the CW network!

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