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So the redneck Jason Voorhees is back in yet another film. Is it bad? Is it good? The real question is why did I watch it after I hated the last one so much?

For those who don't know, I remember enjoying the first one but hated the second one. As for the 3rd & final (I hope) film, it was a mix bag. The bits that was about Danielle Harris's character were interesting & I enjoyed those & wished the film had more of that. While the bits of Victor Crowley killing people with all the bad effects I did not like. I wanted to skip over those bits.

In other slasher films, you kind of like the killer. Fans of Friday he 3th don't dislike Jason. He is why you are watching it.Victor Crowley, while a knock off of Jason, isn't half as lovable to me. However, fans could be watching for Danielle Harris which I could see.

The effects are not good. I really hate it when the blood is so light & blends with everything instead of being dark & sticking out. All the effects seem to be all practical for better or worse. The killings are over the top & there is an audience for that. I like that is an old school slasher flick. The characters are more likable this time around. I found myself laughing & liking some of the characters & was disappointed that they died. Weirdly...Parry Shen is in all 3 films & I don't know why. I think the 2nd one he was kind to the character in the first film & this time they just used it as an inside joke of sorts. He was killed in the first two but survived this one. Harris could have lived or died. Who knows! I guess they did it just incase they can find a way to make more. I did like that all three films seem to take place within 3 days.

So I guess I enjoyed this film to a point. There was more upside then downside. Maybe if someone different was writing it or different director. It seem to have an final end but that doesn't mean anything anymore. It's for fans of old school horror & slasher flicks. I still wouldn't recommend it,

Best Part: Likable characters...

Worst Part: Victor Crowley

Rating: 4/10

Starring: Danielle Harris, Kane Hodder


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