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The Horror Honeys

I'll say it again, I'm really excited for [Dracula Untold](movie:917159), and nothing is going to dampen my excitement, not even clips that give away all of the action...nope nope nope.

Two NEW clips have surfaced! The first is a tense face-off between Vlad and the ancient evil that will transform him into the Undead Prince we know and love. Charles Dance ( [Game of Thrones](movie:817617) ) is perfect and chilling.

The second clip, which I'm assuming follows the action of the LAST ONE released shows the (now) monstrous prince as he takes on the Turkish army like Leonidas against the Persians. Defending his castle, Dracula rips through the army with no weapons and no armor and (obviously) tears sh*t up.

Are YOU excited for [Dracula Untold](movie:917159)? I know I'll be lining up on October 10th to take it in on the big screen.


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