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A few interesting photos surfaced today courtesy of Kieran Thomas on Twitter, depicting some of the outer areas of Oxfordshire (not far from where the film is currently shooting at Greenham Common) with some fairly interesting signs on them:

It would be easy to assume that Endor is being brought back. I mean, the area is green, and even a little bit foresty. A tad. But really, not enough to convince me.

Let's not forget that Endor is a forest moon, covered almost completely in tall trees and lush forest settings that the current area of filming barely even scrapes on. As opposed to the deep forest settings, the set at Greenham seems to be flat grass on low hills, with tons of land dried out around it. So, unless Endor suffered a tragic, massive forest fire, I can't say that this particular area looks anything like Endor.

Oxfordshire via Google
Oxfordshire via Google
Oxfordshire via Google
Oxfordshire via Google

While it's green and does seem to have a ton of trees, I'm pretty sure this is Abrams and his people attempting to throw fans off when it comes to the planets or moons we'll be visiting. To me, it just wouldn't make sense to blatantly put Endor on a sign when the team is probably very aware of fans stalking about the set. But heck, I might be wrong; I'm certainly not a local, so there may well be areas nearby that resemble the moon of Endor. Let me know what you think in the comments!

[Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158) premieres on December 18th, 2015.


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