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As the trailer for Annabelle makes it's rounds, my pediophobia is on high alert and it's not pleasant. If statistics are to be believed, odds are, you also suffer from pediophobia: the fear of dolls. An anxiety disorder, it is associated with porcelain dolls, china dolls, baby dolls, dolls that talk, dolls that have blinking eyes, dolls that exist in any form, basically. I don't know about you, but I never even let my Barbie dolls look at me while I was sleeping.

So, where does this fear come from? Dr. Freud had a theory regarding the root of this fear; he claimed that children fantasize about dolls coming to life. That sounds reasonable enough. Ernst Jentsch suggested that an uncertainty about whether or not an object, one that resembles a living being, is alive or not can cause this fear. Some propose that it simply comes down to brain chemistry. There is also a very detailed and in depth theory titled the Uncanny Valley that tries to explain away this fear. Quite frankly, I don't give a flying f*ck about where pediophobia comes from or why I'm afflicted with it, I JUST WANT THE DOLL MOVIES TO STOP!

Uncanny Valley
Uncanny Valley

For those of you not afflicted with pediophobia or for those of you who feel like conquering your fear, may I suggest the following films. They all feature creepy dolls and are the stuff of nightmares. Laugh all you like, but this is what my brain believes all dolls are capable of and, clearly, I am not alone.

Dolls 1987

Dolly Dearest 1991

Pin 1988

Puppet Master 1989

Tourist Trap 1979

So, do these little beauties scare YOU?


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