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I’ll say this – if you’re not interested in having relations of an intimate nature anytime soon, while at the same time heavily mistrusting your significant other, this movies for you. I was drawn in by Rose Leslie and Harry Treadaway and quickly learned this was NOT the movie to watch with your lady friend late at night. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not me saying the movie was bad, but rather it was a bit TOO effective, if not for a weak ending.


A couple, Bea and Paul, retreat to Bea’s family cabin in the woods for their honeymoon. Because, you know, what could possibly go wrong in the woods.

Hey, whats creepy about making pancakes?
Hey, whats creepy about making pancakes?

Surprise surprise, stuff goes sideways after Paul discovers Bea in the woods supposedly suffering from sleep walking and she begins behaving oddly

Lets call em 'Love Rips'
Lets call em 'Love Rips'

Given an earlier interaction with the only other people in the film, where Bea recognizes a childhood friend Will (married to the elusive Annie), Paul assumes her oddness and odd absence associated with this Will fella. Unfortunately…investigation turns up nothing, except a hat (which will make sense once you watch the film), but Pauls suspicions are not assuaged..

When confronted, we learn more about Bea than we (at least certainly I) ever needed to know.



None to speak of. However, considering the substance of the movie, if you're in the mood for a bit, look up Rose Leslie's work on Game of Thrones. You won't be disappointed.


There’s no way around this one. Treadaway (DOC FRANKENSTEIN IN DA HOUSE) and Leslie are completely disturbing and totally stellar. I wasn’t sure who to be more unsettled by, honestly. What they brought to the screen made me deliciously uncomfortable – and its VERY hard for a movie to do that, these days.


Leigh Janiak knew exactly what he was doing. Seriously…Up until the final ten minutes, I seriously had no clue what was going on, and that simple fact had me engrossed and on the edge of my seat for the duration.


This is not the best movie. It isn’t revolutionary, and it doesn’t break the mold.

HOWEVER – it disturbs and unsettles, it makes you want to turn on the light and ask your Significant Other just what the **** she/he’s up to, and it leaves an impression.

It would do the film a disservice to allude to anything else – you owe it to yourself to see this one. You’ll be asking who the real enemy is throughout.

TL;DR 6/10. Brilliant build, terrific execution, relatively lackluster conclusion



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