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Alright kids, from the desk of Super Exciting Remake News comes a juicy tidbit about the remake of [I Saw the Devil](movie:1204496). The 2010 South Korean revenge film will see an English language remake from Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard. These two are really turning into a writing/directing team to be reckoned with. When the two of them join forces, you know that you are in for an epic, action thrill ride. Truly, I cannot think of two people better suited to remake this film while maintaining it's original integrity and suspense.

I Saw The Devil is the story of a secret agent who takes it upon himself to track down and lure out a serial killer. With his mind set only on revenge, it then becomes a question of how far will he go to get his vengeance? Will he have to turn into a monster to catch a monster?

According to The Wrap, Barrett has already begun on the script and Wingard is meeting with actors. Having already brought us A Horrible Way To Die, You're Next and the upcoming The Guest, Barrett and Wingard seem to be the new go to team for psychological driven thrillers. I can only speak for this Barrett/Wingard fangirl when I say that I am really excited about this news!

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