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Guess what another Tim Burton film. YAY!! Do you all remember Pee-Wee Herman?

Are beloved Pee-wee (Paul Reubens) a child-man who loves his comedic pranks and jokes loves his beloved red and white bike. He goes out to go to his favourite magic shop and to collect his horn while being in repair from a bike shop. Upon his return he sees that his bike has been stolen. He sets across the country looking for his bike. He meets people along his way and eventually finds his bike on a Hollywood set.

Another favourite film of mine not just because Burton directed it but because of Pee-wee's character. He's a man who acts like a child but is also clever in his ways and in the inventions he makes. Like the big breakfast machine which makes him breakfast.... we also see another inventive machine in Edward Scissorhands very similar but not for breakfast making. He also has cool inventive stuff on his bike, like the smoke spray and water which comes out of his bike.

The film also has a lot of dream scenes which i like a lot as that's how i love to see dreams be shown on film or when your in a dream. Pretty clever in the way it's shown specially for it's time and I would like to see that more in films.

I think Paul Reubens nailed the character and i really enjoyed watching him on his big adventure. If you've not seen this film i highly recommend you do as this was one of Burton's first features and he did a great job at it. And Danny Elfman with his amazing score.

Here's a scene to get you into the spirit of watching PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE!

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