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As I listen to a concert by a 60s Russian Beatles clone known as Poyuschie Gitary, I would like to discuss something important involving a brazenly bizarre knock-off toy, taking on the world-famous Pokémon franchise. The toy itself is known as "Politic Pat"! I know what you're thinking; the name doesn't make a lick of sense at all. The toys are magnetic, but I don't understand the just of the name itself. Pokémon is not even an 8th of being a political cartoon!

As I was in the pool with my brother and my pool buddy Bear one time, I was discussing to them about the "Politic Pat" toy itself, and Bear responded by saying that trademark law is politics between companies, and that makes a bit of sense.

If Pokémon could be related to politics, than it would work like this: the system of trading, keeping, and using pokémon works like bureaucratic red tape; it is all a big system filled with effort, control, time, and the guts you've got in order to keep the system of having fun going. This would kind of be a clue as to why this toy is called "Politic Pat". Otherwise, these knock-offs were possibly made in China, a country that has had a history of strong anti-Japanese sentiment, along with a quasi-bureaucratic system of government, that copyright politics seem to be unavailable (I'm saying that China has no regard for any intellectual property laws).

So, we come to the end to this almost meaningful piece of motivational research on knock-off toys, so feel free to comment or give your opinion on this toy!


What are your thoughts on Politic Pat?


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