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1) Spring Release Date

Yes, a lot of the reactions were "Why March 25? It's not even being released in April, like Captain America: TWS." Here's my explanation:

March 25, 2016 is the Friday of the 2016 Easter Weekend. Many schools and colleges in the U.S. have Spring Breaks staggered around that time. Families will be on vacation during those periods, or at least free. Friends will want to hang out and I hope you get the idea by now. Many people will be available when [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) hits theaters. Warner Brothers does not have to wait until the Summer movie season to have people watch the superhero epic.

Oh, and if Superman happens to "die" in this movie, it will be very appropriate, given that March 25, 2016 is Good Friday (when Christians remember Jesus's death).

Prepare yourself for all the [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) Easter eggs (literally).


Are you convinced about the release date?

2) Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles

“Chronicles” is said to revolve around a newly conceived reality in the DC universe where Justice League members Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are much darker versions of the superheroes that people know.
The digital series is based on “Justice League: Gods & Monsters,” an original animated film executive produced by Bruce Timm and co-produced by Alan Burnett that will be released by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment later in 2015. Timm and Burnett both collaborated on “Batman: The Animated Series.

As originally reported by Variety. Scheduled for a digital release and DVD/Blu-Ray release of Spring 2015, it seems as if the digital series and movie is planned to help raise Dawn of Justice awareness.

3) Historical

Batman and Superman starring in a movie together is kind of a big deal. Adding Wonder Woman, Victor Stone/Cyborg, and Aquaman is also a big deal. So you might be wondering. Why is it historical? Simple fact is that the DC Trinity characters are easily recognizable. The word historical is used because it can potentially be the most successful in movie history.

4) Must-See Quality

It's being treated like the movie that we have all been waiting for, almost as much as Star Wars 7. Two of the most iconic characters uniting in a high budget movie could top The Avengers. Here is to hoping that Chris Terrio has largely improved upon David Goyer's script.

Now we wait...

Drop a comment below about your thoughts. Please refrain by saying that this movie will be bad because of a casting choice.

(JL: G&M Source: Variety)

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