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Original Bourne star Matt Damon has previously said that he would be open to returning to the Robert Ludlum-based franchise if series stalwart Paul Greengrass, who helmed The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum, was directing.

Which is why today brings insanely good news for Bourne fans.

Damon AND Greengrass now look set for a surprise return to the spy franchise, which made Damon one of the best known faces in Hollywood.

Bourne 5 will be the sequel to 2007's The Bourne Ultimatum, itself the culmination of a trilogy in which Damon starred as an amnesiac agent on the run from the shadowy organisation which brought him into existence. We're also hearing that Universal wants them to have the movie ready for the July 15, 2016 release date that had previously been given to the Bourne Legacy follow-up that Justin Lin was developing to direct.

The Bourne Trilogy is what turned Matt Damon from Team America's "Mmmaaattt Dammmmmooonnnn" into one of my favorite actors and I am super pumped for his return. Hopefully this isn't a total cash-in and they have a decent idea for a script.

They've let someone else have a go, watched them mess it up and are now coming back as conquering heroes. Well played boys.

To celebrate the return of Damon and Greengrass, here are 5 Incredible Bourne Facts every fan needs to know.


Bourne was modelled on a man with a mental illness

The name "Bourne" in the original Robert Ludlum novel originally came from a guy named Ansel Bourne. Ansel had the first documented case of "dissociative fugue," a mental illness not unlike multiple personality disorder. He forgot who he was, started a new life in Pennsylvania, and opened a corner store. A few months later, he remembered his life as Bourne, and forgot all about his life as Brown... Huh.


Treadstone was inspired by a real CIA cell

Treadstone, the secret CIA cell in the series, was inspired by a real-life secret CIA cell named The Enterprise. The Enterprise was organized and put into action during the Iran-Contra affair. The character of Conklin (Chris Cooper) is loosely based on Oliver North. So, if you find yourself suffering from chronic headaches, consistent fatigue, sensitivity to bright lights, and amnesia... You could be hearing from the real top-secret black ops program.


Don't try to make this guy laugh

Okay, so he's not your obvious wise-cracking party-goer who stands in the corner offering guests polite conversation and a Ferrero Rocher pyramid, but the character of Jason Bourne never smiles in any of the franchise movies. During a flashback scene in The Bourne Identity it looks like he might crack, but he doesn't - and that's as close as he ever gets. Perhaps his reunion with Greengrass will be enough to put a beam back on Bourne.


You can own Bourne's weapons

You've lost your memory and you're visiting your smart apartment with a cute girl. All of a sudden, a trained assassin rappels through the window with an automatic weapon and starts shooting the shit out of everything. If you're Jason Bourne, this is where you grab a bic and cram it into the guy's fist. Because nothing says "deadly weapon" like a bic pen. But all the devices that Bourne uses over the course of his movies are actually real and – for the most part – can be purchased by you and I, too. Glock 19s, SIG Pros, it's all available stuff. If the guy can do that with a ballpoint pen, I dread to think what he'd do if he got his hands on a flamethrower.


That car chase wasn't quite as fast as it looked

Remeber that high-octane, high-tension car chase near to the end in Ultimatum? Well, production devoted six weeks to filming the scene. Surprisingly, the vehicles were allowed to drive no faster than a very gentle thirty-five miles per hour, because the New York Police Department was all, like "hey, guys, safety first". Yep, that's right - Jason Bourne drives like your Grandma. Just as well he looks badass while doing so!


So, what do you guys think of Damon and Greengrass pushing for more original flavor Bourne?


Stoked to see Damon return for more Bourne?

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