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With only three months left until we get our last glimpse of Middle earth, we're going to be treated to more and more promo images and posters in the coming weeks. Today Entertainment Weekly has released an amazing promo image scroll for [The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies](movie:512312) and it is beautiful.

The image is like a modern day tapestry and takes us through the journey of the final instalment of The Hobbit. The poster is really quite awesome in its detailing, and yes, although it does use more then enough photoshop, it does so with dramatic effect.

Here's the entire image:

As you can see it's so enormous that it's hard to really get a decent look at the detail on each section, so I thought I would break it down:


Smaug's attack on Laketown & Galadriel reaching out to Gandalf

The beginning of the tapestry and we can clearly see the figure of Bard on the bridge (complete with Black Arrow!) and Smaug towering over him. One thing is for certain: Laketown is going to suffer in this battle.

Next along we have Galadriel reaching out to Gandalf, which is pretty powerful stuff. I'm not really sure if she's reaching out to a hurt Gandalf or if she injured herself, after all she isn't wearing any visible armor. Perhaps she's just trying to reach Gandalf without being spotted?

Also did you catch Saruman lurking in the shadows in the background? I wonder what they'll show of his turn to the dark side? Surely a little something!


Bilbo and Thorin & Legolas and Tauriel

Alright, firstly I have to say what everyone will no doubt notice first: someone definitely dropped the ball on the Tauriel/Evangeline Lilly photoshop.

Ok, onwards. Some eagle-eyed writers over at TheOneRing have noticed in this image that Bilbo has suddenly become a lefty, so cue theories on that: either they simply reversed the image or maybe it was something more, like an injury to his right hand? Go wild with your theories! Thorin is also looking pretty damn exhausted on that throne.

I'm not actually sure why they threw Tauriel in the front of this image while Legolas is in the back, but whatever, we'll roll with it. It looks like Legolas is poised and ready to fight while Tauriel, well maybe she's witnessing something horrific and that explains her weird pose?


Dwarf and Elven armies

All you need to take from this image is: Thranduil on his WARMOOSE! Ok, ok there's a little more. Here we finally see two of the five armies: the Elves and the Dwarves who are only riding in on bloody armored goats! What a spectacle!

Thranduil and the Elven army marching to battle will definitely be an amazing sight in this movie, I'm predicting an epic scene.


New Dwarf armor & Bilbo, bats and Gandalf

It looks like Thorin, Fili and Kili have got themselves some flash new armor and swords, ready for the battle of their lives. I can't wait for bigger and more detailed images of the dwarves in their armor, hopefully they get released asap!

And here we are at the last segment of this amazing journey and we once again see Bilbo and Gandalf armored with swords and a huge flock (hoard?) of bats flocking out overhead.

Wow, what an adventure! Though I have to say, I share the same feelings as OneRingNet writer Sarumann who was "Saddened that an image of Bag End or the Shire is not the last image here, implying the inherent ‘There and Back Again’ aspect of the film." I have to agree and it has really made me think about how the film will end because I really hope we see The Shire one more time!


What's your favorite part of the amazing Hobbit tapestry?

Source:, Entertainment Weekly


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