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In the Disney universe, the princesses often need a handsome prince to come and rescue them from peril, but one artist has realized that sisters are more than capable of doing it for themselves.

Illustrator Johnni-Kok has re-imagined Disney's crop of shrinking violets as badass assassins and I'm convinced 'Shooty and the Beast' could be next year's summer blockbuster!

Check out his kick-ass work below:

A GUN as Old as Time

That ugly yellow ball gown was overrated anyway, Belle...

Under the... Patio?

Arial the assassin might be deadly on her own, but don't forget this undersea urchin has six older sisters!


Trust me, you don't want to know what happens if you try and climb Ragunzel's hair.

The Princess and the Piece

Yeah, Rajah's a nice rug now. Soz!

It's Gatting Hot in Here

Wait a minute... Wasn't Mulan already a killer assassin?


Screw painting with all the colors of the wind. Your blood will do.


Would you watch a Disney movie about badass assassin princesses?

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