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Artist Cristiam Ramos has chosen a pretty unusual medium in which to pay homage to the stars: toothpaste.

Ramos has previously used sweets and nail polish to craft his masterpieces, but he saved the best 'til last. It can take him upwards of 200 hours to finish a piece, which he does entirely by finger painting using the toothpaste, layer upon layer.

Take a look at his creations:

Miley Cyrus

Those famous pearly whites immortalised forever.

Emma Watson

What a cheeky smirk.

Ramos's most recent work is a portrait of the late comedian Robin Williams. And this time the toothpaste has an extra significance.

I thought it would be the best way to honor a man who gave his life to make us laugh. That's why I wanted to do the works in toothpaste as this is associated with your best smile, and that was what he gave us - laughter and smiles!

Ramos will auction off the portrait to raise funds for a charity that supports people with depression.

What a kind thing to do for sufferers of mental illness, and a fitting way to pay tribute to Williams.

Watch him create the piece below:

(Source: Cristiam Ramos)


Do you like Ramos's portraits?


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