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Check out this new selection of funny and twisted illustrations of Ben Chen, filled with references to famous pop culture characters! Don't worry, the internet has already messed up our childhoods, you might as well get a second dose...

You burst out of my chest, Charlie Brown.

I'm just glad the artist hasn't seen Prometheus yet...


We're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad. Humpty's DEAD.

Does make me think about veganism...


Oh, Batman... But You've Done Nothing Wrong!

"Swag is dead. We killed him."


We shan't be late, Alice... To dinner.

What's with eating all of the anthropomorphic characters!?


If these don't work, I'm taking your mother's.

Oh, jeez. That hurts.


The wonderful thing about dead Tiggers...

Do NOT let Eeyore get wind of this.


Sorry, Mario. Mothra's in another castle...

As a kid, Mario gave me unrealistic expectations for how high I should be able to jump. So this one, I kinda like.


He made his important date... With death.

Doesn't look offally good for The White Rabbit, does it?


Hopefully I'll be luckier than you, Mr Rabbit.

And AGAIN! This guy just keeps on getting a s̶a̶w̶ raw deal!


Probably forgot to wish upon a star.

And without his conscience, Pinocchio turned to a life of crime...


A brain is the least of his worries, now.

That screaming pile of straw ain't gonna keep them warm for long.


Hook never popped up... He only screamed.

Nice to see Tinkerbell offering a helping hand.


Shredder! You bungling idiot! Slaughter the dog!

I guess the Scarecrow finally found his brain! Wretched reptiles...


Creature from the Black Lagoon Onigiri

That Gill-man's gonna need a LOT of Wasabi.


Welp, those just re-wrote my entire childhood.

Let's finish on a more hopeful note, shall we?

Mario can't help saving a princess...

She's only sleeping, Mario. Don't waste an extra life on her!


I can't help but be tickled by these, they're just the right kind of messed-up.


Which of these illustrations creeps you out the most?

(Source: Gizmodo, Ben Chen)


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